The lake Ólafsfjarðarvatn is a very special lake, nearly one of a kind. It splits into fresh water and seawater lake, depending on the depth. Therefore, all kinds of fish thrive there but the most common ones being trout, salmon, redfish and cod.

After meeting up at Kaffi Klara and gearing ourselves up for fishing, we ride to the lake area. Our local guide will inform you about the lake and show you how to use our fishing poles if you are not used to fishing. While fishing along the banks, you can enjoy breathtaking mountain views. We will also take in a fishing net which normally comes in with several fishes. With our catch of the day, we head back to the restaurant to start making local fish recipes with our local chef. Of course, after making our own fish dish, we will enjoy our lunch together at the restaurant.

Pick-ups from accommodations at the Troll Peninsula (Dalvík, Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður) or Akureyri Area, and Drop-offs can be arranged. Kayaking can be added to this experience as well.

Period: May 1st – September 30th
Duration: 5 hrs
Price: EUR 239,00
Capacity: 2 – 6

Included: Fishing poles, utensils, food ingredients, recipes, lunch and drinks.
Excluded: Pick-up and Drop-off services (surcharge EUR 30,00 – 75,00 per person, 4 minimum). Kayaking (EUR 30,00)
Know before you go:
What to bring: Clothes and shoes according to the weather.

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