Early summer our hills in Ólafsfjörður and the surrounding area, are full of Icelandic Cetraria Moss. Over the centuries, our ancestors used herbs that grow in Icelandic nature for medicinal purposes. Iceland moss, angelica and angelica roots, scurvy grass and berries have always been a part of Iceland’s cuisine.

At the start of our journey, we will meet up at Kaffi Klara Restaurant and have a light lunch made by a local chef. After that, we head for a ride to the hills to find Cetraria Moss. Our local guide will inform you about the vegetation while we walk along the beautiful mountain hills with breathtaking views. When we have filled up our bags with all kinds of moss we head back to the restaurant to start making local recipes. These are all homemade recipes made by the locals for generations and are now available to you. All participants take home with them the produce they have made.

Pick-ups from accommodations at the Troll Peninsula (Dalvík, Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður) or Akureyri Area, and Drop-offs can be arranged.

Period: July 15th – September 31st
Duration: 4 hrs
Price: EUR 189,00
Capacity: 2 – 8

Included: Utensils, food and beverage ingredients, recipes, light lunch.
Excluded: Pick-up and Drop-off services (surcharge EUR 30,00 – 75,00 per person, 4 minimum).
Know before you go:
What to bring: Clothes and shoes according to the weather.

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